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Camera360 Ultimate Android Review

Camera360 Ultimate Android Review

Camera360 Ultimate Android Review

Camera360 Ultimate is a cool camera and photo editor for Android. While it has been around for a while it has recently received a comprehensive update that has improved UI, options and functionality across the entire application. If you like adding filters, manipulating and sharing images- this is an awesome app to check out.

Camera360 Ultimate Android Review 

Camera360 Ultimate is a hugely powerful and feature rich camera application. There are dozens and dozens of pre and post- photograph effects in an easy-to-use interface. I should say from the offset that, above all, this is a dedicated camera app. I was disappointed to see that you can’t upload previously taken pictures to play with in the editing suite, so it’s not anything like popular photo sharing apps like Streamzoo, Lightbox Photos, or more dedicated editing apps like Pixl-o-matic.

However, if you want to create some truly mesmeric photos, Camera360 Ultimate is a great go-to app. The app itself opens as would any camera app- with the viewer. From the start, you have options to adjust: Saturation, Sharpness, Brightness, Contrast, Exposure and White Balance. You can also naturally control flash, zoom, shot settings (Normal, Burst, Stabilizer and Timer). You can further impose any of the 16 filter effects or 40 scenes the app includes.

You do not, unfortunately, see these effects through the viewer (like with apps like Paper Camera), but there is a great selection to choose from and lots to tinker with. The settings provide an additional slew of extra options too. These include sound settings, composition of viewer, screen shot (which allows for specific focussing), auto-focus, photo size, quality, save settings, ISO and location recording.

Once you have taken a photo you can try all the filters and scenes out if you haven’t previously. The joy of this is ‘Touch to Compare’ feature. Here, by simply touching the screen you can see a before and after appearance of the picture. This is very cool and lets you compare the natural look of the photo with the chosen filter. Once settled on your picture you can save or share from this screen too. I was, however, disappointed to note there are no advanced editing features such as red-eye removal or cropping.

If you select to share your pictures you can do so via a variety of social networks. While it does include Facebook and Flickr, the majority are Chinese social neworks such as Kaixin and Sina. You need to be signed into these accounts to natively share the picture. There is a neat option to share non-natively and all the suitable apps you have on your device are listed here. That's the article about Camera360 Ultimate Android Review that the authour can describe. You can also try other software here

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